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Never Have I Ever – A Party Bar-Game

  • Rs. 500.00
  • Rs. 799.00
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Never Have I Ever – A Party Bar-Game

A Drinking Game with a small twist that will get you tipsy and leave you with unforgettable memories.

We bring to you the world famous game of Never Have I Ever. This game is a drinking game (Bar Game).

We strongly advice you to be of a legal drinking age to play this game.

We strongly suggest that before you start, decide as a group what your 1 drink will be: Is 1 drink equivalent to 1 shot of vodka or tequila? Or is it equivalent to 1 sip of beer?

We recommend you don’t need to drink large amounts of alcohol all at once.

We believe it’s more important that your game lasts for a while so that you can enjoy it!


Here is a small list of instructions:

¤ The Host will keep on picking a card & read
then all players including the host will answer
“YES” or a “NO”.

¤ Everyone who has answered yes will drink &
those who answered no, will not drink.

¤ The game continues until all cards are read
out or if the liquor stash runs out.

¤ Players can decide at the start which drink
has to be taken in what quantity for every yes.

¤ Half of the cards have a special note at the
bottom where all the players are given an option
to share their experience, which will excuse
them for drinking in that round.