Ek Do Dhai Gift Card

Rs. 500.00

Gift your friends,family and loved ones something that matches their personality. Ek Do Dhai Is full of gift options that you and your loved ones would like to proudly own and place hem at your sweet home.  Edd Gift Card gives flexibility to let choose the person something of their own taste and need

A well chosen gift can lightens someone's heart

T & C

Gift Card will be delivered digitally at the mail whch you enter during checkout  Gift Card will be delivered with 12 hours from the time or order

Redeemable on all products on www.Ek Do Dhai.com

EDD Gift Card once issued cannot be cashed out, cancelled, refunded or transferred.

 Gift Cards are valid for single use only. If less amount is consumed that the Gift Card amount then the balance amount wont be adjusted r transferred in any case.

Gift Cards are valid for for 1 year from the date of issuance and carry no fees. In case you are unable to use it within 1 year, you can contact customer care to extend the validity of the Gift Card.