Partner with us

We welcome all who understand our mindset, vision and willing to work with us be it in Design, Trade, Projects, Finance related. We are all ears to listen to your ideas and plan. Kindly mail us your ideas or suggestions or anything that you think is a brilliant idea and can fetch you and us money at


EK DO DHAI is present on almost all the mojor online portals. In total we are present at more than 30 online websites. We have tied up with few stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahemdabad, Surat, Calcutta.

Now EDD is focusing to penetrate the retail market with people who have experience in retail and are already familiar with the brand and the kind of people we target would be preffered. We are open to all kind of trade offers

Franchisee is another model we are looking at to build. Our Franchisee should be able to devote time at the store and have an ability to really set and achieve targets for the team. We prefer people who own a commercial space in a good location and have retail experience . We are a young company and would like our retail partners/ franchisees to grow with us.

Mail us at, please menftion 'BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP in the subject.


We are looking for people and firms with manufacturig capabitlities and can handle our kind of products. People who deal in metal casting and fabrication, woodwork, clay and ceramic, bone china, printing on metal, wood, fabric e,  (digital, screen), acrylic etc can contact us at We will be more tha happy to partner with them.