Shero Shairi Cups (Set of 4)

Rs. 600.00

Andaaz e Guftagoo

Shero Shairi is a way of conveying your thoughts & emotions in a poetic manner. The use of refined language and the way sentences are crafted are extremely sophisticated.

Its a strange mixture of philosophy, emotions and language that touches the heart of every listener. We wonder where this art is getting lost.

Ghalib, Mir, Gulzar, Bashir Badra, Javed Akhtar, Faiz, Sahir Ludhanvi, Piyush Mishra, Zaut, Akhbar Illahbaadi and many more are legends who conveyed their thoughts using this art poetry

We suggest what else can be a better drink other than chai (tea) to enjoy such art. Aroma of hai straight away stakes you to that zone we are talking about

QTY - 1 set of 4 cups

Material - Fine Bone China

Capacity - 180ml

Dimensions : 16*8*8 cm ( Width*Height*Length)