50 Shades Of Never Have I Ever

Rs. 650.00

“50 Shades of Never Have I Ever” is a couple game designed for a romantic experience filled with funny confessions involving romantic activities involving stripping/drinking and playful impromptu dares.

We bet Never Have you ever played a game so wonderful, so engrossing that takes you by the storm. Brace yourself for hours of ruthless truths and unlimited fun. It is a super fun party game. The deck includes set of Strip Cards, Shot Cards, and Wild Cards.

Package Contents: 1 set Couple Card Games (Contains 50 cards)

How to Play:
This set of 50 cards are divided in 3 Categories:

  • 20 Strip cards / 20 Shot cards / 10 Wild cards
  • They all have a funny admission apart from the 10 wild cards where your partner may ask a question of their own choice.
  • Partners take turns picking up a card and asking the question to their better half.
  • If they have done in the past what the card says then:

Take a sip of your drink if it’s a Shot Card

Strip any 1 piece of clothing or accessory if it’s a Strip Card

Do whatever your partner wants you to do if it’s a Wild Card

  • If they have not done what the card says then they do nothing and the next card is pulled by the other partner and so on.