Drunken Trunk

Rs. 1,599.00

Get your party started with not one, not two, not three, but Six of the WILDEST, WEIRDEST, most WONDERFUL drinking games you've ever wrapped your booze-swilling lips around! Inside your Drunken Trunk lies everything you need to get your drinking games going.

Drunken Trunk is a six-pack party starter that will re-invent your party experience.

Do you still start your party by playing slow music chugging light beer trying to escalate the mood to harder drinks after an awkward one hour?

We are here to save you from the entire boring introducing friend's stuff with not one, not two, but six exciting drinking games.

Whether you want to sit on a table and try card games or would like to try some classic American arcade games, this box has it all. Each game is designed to engage regulars and newcomers to the party engaged in on-table games and get them acquainted in no time.

All six games offer a great game night experience to your squad, Six Pack is set to give you an unimaginably fun, unforgettable, and not to mention, scandalous experience. 

Drunken Trunk is the must-have adult party game that aims to tease, please and entertain your frontal lobe, while confusing friends, and causing others to seriously question your life decisions.


  • Beer Pong: is generally played by teams of two in which each team takes turns throwing a table tennis ball into the other team's cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates hit cups, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again. Fill these cups with beer or any of your favorite drinks. These cups have rigid-lines, which can assist in precisely measuring the amount of beer (or other beverage) in the cups. Fill each of the cups a quarter of the way full.

  • Never Have I Ever: The first player starts by picking one card from the deck and read it aloud to everyone. Anyone who at some point in their life has done the action that the first player says, must drink. Then the game continues around the circle, and the next person picks a card.

  • Most Likely: The game starts by drawing a card each round and the group decides who in the group would be most likely to do what the card says. The person with the most votes will drink a certain amount of their drink.

  • Ring of Fire: Gather all people around a table. Place a big cup in the middle of the table. This cup is called the King's Cup. Now distribute all cards around the King Cup face down. You’re all set! Now pick up the card one by one clockwise and do what the card says. If anyone picks the King then they will pour some amount of their drink into the big cup(whatever amount they like). And the person to draw the fourth king will drink the entirety of the King's Cup and the game ends.

  • Arrogance: Players pour themselves a drink and a beer pong glass is placed in the middle of the table. The game is started when somebody pours as much or as little of their drink as they choose into the pint glass. Next, they must guess heads or tails, and the person to the left then flips a coin and reveals the outcome. If the guess was correct, the drink is passed on clockwise, allowing the next person to add some drink and make a guess. If the guess is wrong, then the entire drink must be consumed. This game can get really interesting if there are a series of correct guesses in a row, as the stakes for guessing correctly become an awful lot higher.

  • Flip Cup: Flip Cup starts with the first people on each team chugging their beer, placing their empty cup back on the edge of the table, and using their fingers to flip the cup completely upside down. Once the first player has successfully “flipped” their solo cup, the next player will play their turn by chugging and flipping, and so on. The team to flip their solo cups the fastest wins! To make the game longer, either find more drinking buddies or have every player drink twice. In this case, the last person in line will drink and flip twice in a row and the game will continue the opposite way down the line.