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The Tale of Hangovers

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It’s a new day, a new morning. You wake up with a heavy head, flashes of previous night and the words ‘Bahut pi li yaar’ in your mind. But, not everyone faces the same kind of hangover.

Take a look at how different hangovers make us feel like and what we do to cure them!


1. Error 404 : Hangover not found

Waking up without a hangover?It is one of the best feelings because you feel like you’ve achieved something major. In fact, you are all set to have more booze! No mixing of drinks, a deep sleep, drinking lots of water & a tablet Disprin / Crocin before sleeping can sometimes do the trick!


And if you’re one of the lucky ones who still do not have to face this nasty fallout without taking any precautions, your friends probably curse you.

2. The Prolonged Hangover

This is the kind of hangover one has when there are quite a lot of parties/ night outs lined up.A beer for a beer becomes the motto for all such party animals.When nights end with a drink in hand and mornings begin with a bottle of beer, this is what happens!


3. The Premature Hangover

We’ve all had a little bit too much on certain days when we are completely sloshed. You either pass out or a hangover comes in early.Head throbbing and the ‘I need to throw up’ emergency.. You know what I mean right?  The ultimate relief for such a hangover is that blissful sleep you get after spewing out all those LIITs & sangrias.


4. Happy Hangover

Recall all those nights when you were pretty tipsy and didn’t sleep at all because you were doing all kind of bakchodi with your friends? That’s when you’re cheerful and still in an inebriated state the next day. Talking senseless shit and laughing on everything is what a happy hangover is all about.


5.The Messy Hangover

This is the worst kind of hangover. You feel sick to your stomach and don’t feel like eating anything.You have a strong desire to sleep for hours. What defines this hangover is the sudden aversion to booze and saying ‘Kal se daaru bandh.’


We try strange remedies and weird ways to make a hangover go away.

The Native American style was to build up sweat, lick it off and spit it out. It was believed that the alcohol would come in the form of sweat.

People also mix raw eggs with Orange Juice and believe it to be a sure fire cure. Wonder how that would taste. But, anything to fix that bad hangover right?

Putting an icecube on the nape of your neck is another way to shoo away that unpleasant hangover.

And if you really want to avoid a hangover, then avoid drinking in the first place. If you are drinking then please know your limits and please do not mix drinks. 

 Good luck with being successful with that though!

PS - We at EK DO DHAI believe the ultimate way to avoid hangover is - to drink using EK DO DHAI shot glasses - be it Beer, Scotch on the rock, Whiskey with water or soda or a Taquila/Vodka Shot.