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Daaru – Ultimate Companion - Happy or Sad

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De daaru de daaru – this song recalls a legendary song sung by Kishore Kumar wherein he playbacks the actor asking for more liquor.

Daaru the street name of alcohol is more pronounced in terms of its straightforward approach. More people like to replace the name by Whiskey, beer or something else. But the ultimate companion in sorrow, happiness or gaiety.

Should you feel resented or a bit remorse, Daaru will always be in your side of the story. So don’t be grief-stricken and forget the repercussions, get going ahead!

. Even if the feet are trembling with fear, the tiger being near

. Don’t afraid my friend, Daaru is what my ears love to hear

. Because if I drink a bottle of Beer, I'll perhaps hunt like a Bear

. And to my sight, the tiger will become my peer.

Coming in the golden hue color, the color of sunset, Daaru means a lot on any occasion or just every occasion. It becomes the supreme commander of the event.

Alcohol just vanishes away the hesitation between the boss and the worker. Some people who are always quite before the manager become so overwhelmed after a drink that they don’t take a second to spill the beans in public. Such people become an open directory of laughter.

We were sitting at the bar managing our last drink when some noise started pronouncing the silent atmosphere and there was the employee of a company who was literally lauding before his manager very confidently and he repeatedly confided “sir aap mujhpe poora bharosa kar sakte ho..main aapke aur sangeeta (office secretary) ka relation kisi ko nahi bataunga.” He meant that he wouldn’t disclose his manager’s relationship with the secretary ever. Just as the employee repeated it, their whole team became awestruck and silent.

Some people like it cold, some take in lukewarm water. This mineral is more of a medicine than being just the drunkard's irony.

A sip of wine will make you fine and before you dine, the heart will say take a little more wine…

"Theka" the heavenly place for drunkards is the seller's point where you get all types of alcohol.

From Indian to Imported, Daru is all around. That’s why there are more Daaru thekas in some states of Indian than hospital. No wonder why its called the health tonic by the lovers.

Just get it going down the throat and see how it subdues your worries. A solid elixir for relief, give some more of it.

Go to a countryside theka if you don’t get an imported brand. The Desi version will bestow some more wickedness on you. It will revitalize your senses and make you the boss of your home minister i.e. the wife.

It is not common that when married men meet their friends, they come to the table and explode what’s in the heart. Some have semiconscious minds but some are still alert when the wife rings up the phone.

In one instance I found a closed buddy who had just 2 pints of Vodka. He declared that he drinks openly at home and there’s just nobody who can ask him any question, but when his wife rang up, he whispered to her “I’m in an important meeting.” We laughed at him and he immediately stood up from the seat running far away so that his wife doesn’t hear our laughter. After some time, he came back to us and said “Abe marwaoge kya??”

Get your brand for the party and for your lover's birthday. Daru is just crazy and fun. It reminds me of another song from the movie Namak Halal..thodi si jo pee li hai. Just spell bound.

How about going to Synk Lounge Bar with a mate?

or even a pub?

Daaru is something that even today, most married men drink secretly. Daaru lovers who are married often make “programs” to meet their companions at pub, theka or an isolated dark place. All of them have different reasons to celebrate. One of them would say “aaj to biwi apne ghar gai hai…Another would also voice his joy “bhai aaj to full party hai.” One more says “yaar tumhari biwi to gai hai..lekin main to jhoot bolke aaya hoon.” After the party is over, one important cautionary word is professed by an experienced drinker who says “bhaiyon peene ke baad mint ki goli kha lo..aur ye elaichi bhi chaba lo..pata nahi chalega.” These funny one-liners are always with you when you remember them with your friends.

Get going with every sip of alcohol, with every thirst incrementing the lust to even have another pint…to jostle up the shoulders and feet, feel the atmosphere. Drink it with a snack, maybe grilled mushroom or paneer.

The food will definitely taste out of context.

Want more excitement? Visit Keya at Vasant Kunj or PCO Bar. From casual to classy, they have the licence to allow you gulp some hard brands without interruption.

There's more to it than hangovers. Daaru reminds of the good old college days. Youth don’t need any inspiration from anybody because their ultimate savior is Daaru itself. When someone got failed in the paper, we accompanied the guy to the theka and celebrate the sad day. But this trend was quite liberal in the sense that those with higher grades in exams also had to celebrate their victory day ultimately landing at the whiskey shop by default. Since the Theka was just a few kilometers from college, it was a festive time to relish.

Being human is sometimes being overwhelmed and overtly true. This psychology becomes a reality when a sip or two extract what we are or what we try to be. Alcohol will make all inhibitions shatter and make the man a man.

Down from the ages of the Mughals, the elixir has donned many friends and less enemies. Be it Vodka or Orange, from the red wine to a less invasive Cidar, Daru is made to be owned to all. No caste, no creed, just one heed…that whatever moment, it’s the Ultimate companion - if you are Happy or Sad

The mesmerizing world of Daaru has some realistic quotes to share -

. People who are silent at the bar are silent at home too.

. Men who try to be men after a drink often change this attitude when returning back to the house.

. Brave husbands bragging to be award winners in their category lose their award to the wife.

. Good story tellers at the theka become only silent listeners at home.

. To be a lion, have a drink and see that you become brave.

. Daaru supports liberalism because the husband becomes equally empowered like the wife…or somewhat more than her.

. You are the world when Daaru becomes your friend.

. You are self declared “Raja Harishchandra” after a dose because you only speak only the truth and nothing else.

. Your fears die as you are a fearless guy now.