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A Guide to the Lingo of Today’s Youth

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Young people always find new ways to say things so much so that their vocabulary is never constant.

From the ridiculous modifications such as totally to totes but sometimes, some interesting & funny abbreviations like FML,ROFL or words like bakchodi, check out these 10 slangs they absolutely love using!

1. ‘Gedi maarna’

It’s late at night and the weather is perfect. You feel like taking a long drive with your friends. How do we express it?

‘Chal gedi pe chaltein hai bhai!’  - Open sunroof, singing your favorite songs with your bros.. What more could one want,right?

2. ‘Yaaaas!’

Because saying yes is just too mainstream. A recently invented word to express excitement level 1039444 combined with extreme joy. ‘Let’s go to HKV this Saturday night?’


3. ‘Faadu’

More of a Bombaiyya slang,it’s something which is excellent or jhakaasas Anil Kapoor would say it. ‘Faad’ is the Dilli equivalent of this word.

‘Kya faadu idea hai, boss!’ – When one of the people in the group project suddenly wakes up and realize it’s due tomorrow.

4. It seems

A favorite addition to the end of sentences used by Bangaloreans, it seems is what seemingly or apparently is to us. For instance, ‘She got a great internship this summer,it seems!’


Since we got bored of crazy and it stopped sounding cool, ‘z’ was removed and there you have it, the latest version – Cray. If you want to describe something/someone that is mad or insane.‘That party was so cray!’ or ‘She’s so cray!’

6. Kat Gaya

When nothing goes as planned or when something bad happens, there’s no better way to describe than this. ‘Exam main kat gaya!’ is something we hear all the time in college. Agreed?


No, it is not another word for babe or baby but an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else.Nowadays, there’s a new name not just for one’s boyfriend/girlfriend, but one’s best friend to or anyone you love ‘to the moon and back’.

Usually used a hashtag, it’s one of the top internet slangs.

1. #shopping #withbae

2. #fouryears #mybae


8. Ghanta

Your friend rings you up and tells you ‘I met Deepika Padukone!’  An obvious response would be ‘Yeah sure, why not.’ Ghanta is the Hindi slang to express this sarcastic tone. Sometimes, it is also used to mean zilch or nothing. ‘Did you watch any good movies this year?’




A word for a person who intentionally or sometimes by mistake ruins a perfectly good photo. They are often seen dancing in the  background, making ridiculously funny expressions and sometimes simply walking by (when they are unaware).


Last but surely not the least, we cannot miss out on the most used word by today’s generation. If you want to be and sound cool, you got to have ‘swag’ – Something today’ youth solemnly swears by.

‘I got my swag on!’