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8 types of people you are bound to find at Restaurants/Bars

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Where can you witness diverse personalities all at the same place?

Restaurants/Bars are the place to be, if you are wondering. Haven’t we observed at least one of the listed people?

1.‘Suit boot ko goli maaro, pehenke aajao pyjama’

These are those people who literally just got out of the bed and came to dine. Whether it’s enjoying a plate of momos on the streets or dining out at a fancy restaurant or going out for drinks at pubs, their jammies/ tracks/ rundown tshirts are their eternal love and they will never part with them.

2. ‘But first,let me take a selfie.’

Quite a usual sight we’ve all spotted:  Someone taking a selfie with the restaurant at the back before entering. This category of people has an agenda: To click millions of photos!No matter how hungry they are, the first thing they do when their meal is ready is (even if it is nothing new, for instance, naan daal)

1. Place the meal in a perfect frame

2. Click photos from all angles

3. Instagram and Snapchat,FTW!


Because #bestnightever #foodgasm #lookatmeiamafoodie right?

3. The Rave Family

You’re at a pub heavily crowded with drunks & people twerking and then you notice a family there with their 4 year old kid. And the first thought that crosses your mind is ‘ WTF! ’ Yes, you do feel like partying but bringing your kid along isn’t a great idea. Maybe a family restaurant would be more appropriate?

4. The Loudspeakers

‘I got fired from my job,man’ ; ‘ So, you know my friend from school, she told her sister blah blah blah.’ Stop! We are not interested in what’s happening in your life. These types of people shout to converse in a way that it drowns out other conversations taking place in the restaurant.We didn’t come to catch up with you! 


5.The Masturdator

If you are sitting next to this category, you’ve got yourself a hassle free dine out.All by themselves out for a drink/dinner, they are peaceful and make for the best neighbors.

6.Self -proclaimed food connoisseur

This kind thinks they know everything about food, infact more than the chef, when actually they know ‘ghanta’. They will pronounce Jalapenos as ‘Jaala-peno’ but still be the biggest nitpickers you have ever seen. ‘Pasta feeka hai. Garam masala nahi daala. I want to talk to the chef.’

Yes, because this is the most important ingredient while cooking past. Get the sarcasm?

7. ‘This or that?’

If you see a waiter going to a particular table repeatedly, it’s understood that it belongs to that one person who just cannot decide what to order. To top it all, they are quite the fusspots. ‘Butter chicken kitna oily hoga nahi?’, ‘Mushrooms nahi acche lagte.’ And ultimately they will try nothing new and order a standard meal.


8.The generous birthday person

You’re lucky if someone’s celebrating his/her birthday at the same place as you’re dining at.  Why, you ask?                                                           Free drinks, people!But, you will only get to hear ‘A round of drinks for everyone!’if that person is really drunk or maybe simply happy or just extremely rich. 

Are you one of them or are you just a different kind?