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​7 Indian Youtube Channels you have to subscribe to!!!

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Over the past years, YouTube has become a rage in India and is being immensely loved by the audience.

There are hundreds of existing as well and upcoming Indian You-tubers’ who are creating and sharing with us such informative, entertaining & innovative videos of almost all genres, ranging from comedy to drama.


Check out these Indian channels, some of them maybe unheard while some of them are quite popular.

1. The Viral Fever Videos

Holding true to its name, TVF,a group of comedy experts including Arunabh Kumar, Nidhi Bhisth, Jitendra Kumar etc. , has literally been a viral sensation since its inception.  From the funniest spoofs or in their words, Qtiyapa, satirical takes on our lifestyle to the hilarious series like Chai Sutta chronicles & The Making Of, their videos are a laugh riot.

The recent introduction of TVF Drama has been out and out successful. A very much-needed break from the usual Saas bahu crap and family drama, Permanent Roommates and the ongoing Pitchers, with the outstanding actors and great storylines, set perfect examples for what Indian TV shows should broadcast.


2. Puraani Dilli Talkies

There is not one short film by PDT which isn’t thought provoking and heart touching. Unpredictable endings and beautiful direction, their videos have such great messages that need to be shared.


3.All India Bakchod

The group of talented stand up comedians, Tanmay Bhatt, Khamba, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakia, who came up with India’s first ever podcast, AIB has always brought the wittiest sketches to the table.Through their ‘Honest’ series, they have brought to light some unbelievably true situations.AIB Knockout was one daring initiative that this group of stand up comedians came up with. As we all know, it was a hot topic for quite some time.


4. Film Companion

Imagine a platform where there’s not just critiquing but also a celebration of movies. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?Hosted by the well-known Anupama Chopra, Film Companion is all about the cast of upcoming movies discussing the masti, craziness and the hard work behind the scenes.

5. Video Daddy

The ‘baap’ of bold social experiments and goofy pranks, Video Daddy brings to you some crazy video content. They create not only funny but also youth based buzzworthy videos.


6. Gaurav Gera Official

The prominent red lipstick, ‘Shopkeeper?’ ‘Haanji Bhenji’ conversations..You know what I am talking about right? Currently, one of the most viewed videos, Gaurav Gera through his comical alter ego ‘Chutki’ is all over YouTube,Facebook & Instagram. Even when the jokes are not that funny, you will ROFL at his expressions.Chutki’s mom is the latest addition to the list of weird characters. Have you checked it out yet?


7. The Wedding Filmer

If you haven’t watched Heartbeats, India’s first wedding film to enter an international film festival, then stop what you are doing and check it out! A film production company by the award-winning filmmaker Vishal Punjabi and his crew, The Wedding Filmer captures those overwhelming moments in a wedding that the newly weds wish they could replay and presents them through vibrant short films, which do not fail to strike a chord in one’s heart.


Indian YouTubers through their work are making a difference. Whether it’s a food channel or a comedy channel, they are becoming the next big thing!