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10 lip smacking Street Foods of India

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We Indians have always been big lovers of street food. Such items are tasty, ready to eat and cheap. Don’t you agree? Here’s a list of some street foods across India. Let’s give it a look! 


1. Ghugni
A favorite in Eastern India especially West Bengal, it’s a tangy yellow peas curry spiced up with Moodi masala. It can be served with rice or poori and sometimes nothing at all because it’s savoury on its own! Along with Jhal Muri, these two together form the trademark of Kolkata’s street food.

2. Tundey Kebab

These royal kebabs of the Awadhi cuisine will literally make your mouth water. They are so succulent that they will
actually melt in your mouth. When in Lucknow, these should be given the status of the number 1 thing to eat. There are a million replicas but do not miss the authentic ones served in Aminabad!

3. Vada Pao
Who hasn’t tried this incredibly popular street food? Our very own Indian hamburger, Vada Pao is available at every nook and corner of Mumbai. Also known as batata vada, it is a potato fritter in a bread bun. 

4. Kulfi
An awesome alternative for ice cream, this delight is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. It is often served with falooda or rice noodles and sometimes on a stick. With a variety of flavors being introduced besides pistachio, malai,vanilla such as rose, anjeer , black currant,mango etc. , Kulfi is just enough to beat the sweltering heat!

5. Golgappe

It’s undoubtedly the most beloved street food of every Dilliwala . Known by different names such as panipuri &
puchka, there are hundreds of stalls in every street. Haven’t we all competed with our friends on the basis of who can have the most golgappas? Perhaps the tagline ‘No one can eat just one’ suits this tempting snack the most. 

6. Momos
The craze for Momos as a street food in India especially amongst college students has rocketed in the last few years.
It’s not just steamed momos now, fried and tandoori have also been added to the list. With the filling not just limited to
chicken, there’s paneer & cabbage to suit vegetarians. ‘Bhaiyya, spicy chutney aur daalna ‘ is something we hear all
the time around the momos vendors. 


7. Litti Choka

The most well known delicacy of the Bihari cuisine, Litti Chokha is made with sattu & served with a mix of potato,
brinjal and tomato (chokha). Enjoy a plate of litti chokha on the streets of Bihar once in your life!

8. Chuski

Bottles of vibrantly colored syrups, shaved ice and excited customers waiting for their kala khatta. Yes of course, you guessed it right :The delightful chuski/gola. On a hot summer day, all you need is this ice lolly.

9. Aloo Chat

Chatpati and flavoursome, Aloo chat is one of those street foods, which will give your taste buds a real treat. It is savoured with a side of green mint chutney and sprinkled over with chaat masala.

10. Mirchi Bajji
Besides the noteworthy Biryani, these stuffed green chilli pakodas/fritters are a must try street food of Hyderabad. Imagine some garma garam mirchi bajji on a breezy,rainy day!