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​ The Elements of a Perfect Night Out

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We’ve all had those insane night outs that we wish would never end. You want to keep the memories fresh in your mind the next day and sooner or later your friends and you ‘need a repeat’ to relive that experience.

So, how does a night out become ‘The Best Night Ever’?


Check out what makes for the most unforgettable night!

1.Live in the moment

Keeping track of time is something one shouldn’t do during a night out. Hearing the words, ’10 baje deadline hai’ is the worst buzz kill.No great night ends so early.

The feel of being in the moment, dancing with your friends, in high ‘spirits’ is massacred if any one friend brings up the topic of time. It makes us think of exactly all those things from which we wanted a break and thus came to party.

2. Expectations are a big no-no

We are all familiar with the quotation, ‘Expectations are the root cause of disappointment.’

Recall all those plans which took days of planning and for which you were went on like ‘I cannot wait!’ , ‘It’s going to be an epic night!’ How did they end up?


Be spontaneous, don’t expect and you will have the most fun night out.


3.Bar bar dekho, hazaar bar dekho

Let your drunken self go and take you to different bars all night.

Have a few beers to start with, go to another bar for dancing, enjoy some long talks over some food in another but do not stick to just one place. Barhop, people!


4.Find a no strings attached friendship

A night out becomes more memorable if you meet someone with whom you can strike up an interesting and real conversation.It doesn’t have to lead to exchanging of phone numbers or a start of a relationship; It can account for a story that you will always cherish.

Finding someone who doesn’t use the boring pick up lines like ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ instead talks about something fun is like a cherry on the top of the already awesome night that you’re having.

5.Convenient Cabs

‘Don’t drink and drive’ besides being a law in itself holds true for all the night-outs.

Driving sets a limit on the amount of fun one can have.

Reducing the number of drinks your friends and you will have for the night, stressing over the parking space: No one should be driving on such nights.

Instead, avail Ola or Uber cabs and you will have a tension free night!

So, get your party mode on with your crew & feel confident AF;

Your night out game will definitely be on point!