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Things we experience and see in Delhi traffic

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The snarling pace of cars, scooters and whatever…life comes to a standstill when we come across traffic in Delhi. The slowly moving automobiles give a chance to see Delhi's colorful market. Although the closely spaced vehicles are to watch for, still the eyes look for the fascinating life that is dwelling in the crowded Indian state.

rikshaw or three-wheeler in Delhi

One of the main attractions is rickshaw. Still the hegemony in Old Delhi, rickshaws draw the crowd to their destination. These small chariots are an exciting ride to be close to wonderful shops, or become an anticipated customer!

Auto rickshaws don’t ply on the streets but they run more frequently around the both Old Delhi and the New Delhi area.

see in Delhi traffic

Seemingly the hustle bustle goes on till late night in Delhi. Well expectantly, it becomes a busy affair on the road when monster trucks follow after the evening. India's torrid climate in summers makes you desire to get some quenchers and cool drinks from some very well known market places.

Old Delhi is an exception. Set up in the Mughal Era, the whole dynastically enamored look rehearses itself in the look daily with opulent clothes, jewelry and lehengas…the glitterati often coming here to do the usual shopping.

 jewelry and lehengas in Delhi

Foreign crowd is common sighting here.

Khari Baoli market

Don’t miss the wholesale dry fruit market at Khari Baoli. Best, your scooter will let you drive to the place without crawling.

open market in delhi

Being Asia's largest spice market, Khari Baoli is indeed quite approachable even by rikshaw or three-wheeler.

Just like Chandni Chowk, exit from Chawdi Bazar or Nai Sadak that form part of the Chandni Chowk belt takes a bit of time. Quite nearby is the Old Delhi railway station. Once you crawl out of the space, the traffic will get paced up to second gear.

Old Delhi railway station

While all sorts of transportation running across Old Delhi towards the city, its kind of a hard life to bear the polluted atmosphere at the least! Jostling in sheer competition and making way for our own vehicle to pass ahead of the regular hand carts, petty pan shops, some usual homeless occupants by the curb, Delhi has become a densely populated area which doesn’t allow movement of even a bicycle easy.

There is more to the side. Even in South Delhi, the bokeh of all sorts of shots at Lajpat Nagar follows huge crowd gatherings as if people are into a shopping spree. Perhaps, due to heavy inflow of cars and more cars, the road now has become a one-sided entry.

The true colors of Delhi transcend further from its older era to the New Delhi feel.

Connaught Place in Delhi

Connaught Place is also a one-sided traffic but the place comes as a historic architecture from the time of the East India Company. Here, the marketplace is filled with opulence and luxury speaks unintentionally.

Janpath road delhi

Similarly, the busy area of Janpath comes similar to it.

main road market

Small shelter like fleet of different artifacts, relics and expensive gifts, the market is easily visible from main road. It is a market for foreign tourists but warrants high bargains and quite a bit of knowledge.

Once all is done, just walk a few miles towards the road and get an auto.

Stretch up your arms while you're in no mood to relax, but the exhausting journey from Old Delhi to New Delhi won’t let your spirits die. Even though the movement is slow on the road, your thoughts will gain momentum and fly high!

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