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Indian artists that need to be on your playlist!

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‘Music can change the world because it can change people.’ - Bono

The music scene in India has been growing and becoming bigger than one thinks it is. With music festivals such as NH7 weekender, Sunburn, Delhi Jazz Fest, it has come a long way. In the words of Bob Dylan, the times, they are a-changin’.


It’s no longer only about Bollywood/desi numbers but much more than that.

Over the past years, India has evolved majorly in the music industry because of up and coming artists and bands, which have brought a fresh & new flavor to music by experimenting across various genres. Regardless of some of them being already well –established and the others who are on their way to make it big, here’s a list of Indian musicians who are absolutely killin’ it!

1. Nucleya

A bass heavy electronic solo artist from New Delhi, Nucleya is one of the early promoters of EDM and dubstep , the two genres Indians have had a craze for over the recent years.By bringing an Indian feel to his edgy electronic tracks along with sampling news, dialogues in his music etc. , he has made a mark as an Indian music producer.He has performed not only in Indian fests but internationally too at festivals such as Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


2.Sneha Khanwalkar

Best known for her scores for films such as Gangs of Wasseypur, Oye lucky! Lucky oye!, she has brought a revolutionary take in Bollywood music/ bought something new on the table.She also hosted a music based MTV series called Sound Trippin, where she went around, collected raw music such as the local sounds of Mumbai slums and finalized ambient tracks.

3. The Raghu Dixit Project

Raghu Dixit Project is likely to be one of the first names when being introduced to the music scenario of India. Fronted by singer & composer Raghu Dixit, this contemporary Indian folk-rock music band from Bangalore has been a major success, through its deep rooted & energetic songs.Besides their rhythmic tunes, they can be identified by their trademark lungis : Vibrant and ethnic just like their music.



4. Soul’d Out

If you’re in the mood for music that will make you groove, this band of budding artists is what you need to listen to. Through their songs which are influenced by multiple genres such as blues, jazz & funk, they have become quite a popular upcoming band. They have performed at the almost always-crowded places such as The Blue Frog, Out of the Box, Hard Rock Café etc


5. Man.Goes Human

No, they are not Aam Admi or Mango people. Hence, the dot. ‘Strange Music. Stranger People. ‘That’s how this up and coming Indie/Experimental band describes themselves. With the uncanny resemblance of the frizzy hair of all members, they have brought to the table foot tapping as well as soothing music. A crazy female drummer, dreamy vocals & power packed guitarists, these music lovers have not only performed in venues in Delhi but also in Singapore. Voted number 1 in Reverbnation, they are all set to release their new album/EP in August.


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